120 Days of Life on the Road

To commemorate 120 days on the road (actually 132 now), I thought I would share some of the ups and downs.

We've seen gloriously huge trees in the redwood forest.
We've seen in ice caves hundreds of feet below the earths surfaces.
We've stood on the top of a mountain at almost 12000 feet elevation.
Paying for a campground site when we probably wold have felt safer just boondocking at the Walmart.
Realizing that we are not the loudest family in the campground.
Finding other homeschoolers out on the road.
Email. I always took you for granted. Now I cherish the time I can email with friends and family.
Internet. Ditto, above.
Getting Abby. Our sweet little addition that is now 6 months old. 
Cleaning up puppy messes.
Joy in realizing Abby is growing up and can "hold it" longer.
Sadness at interacting with other Fjords as our own are sorely missed. 
Country music.
Amazing landscapes.
Inspiring farms.
Old, tired farms.
Corn mazes.
Farmer's markets.
Riding a bicycle again. No, you really don't forget how. :-)
Gorgeous architecture.
Seeing more cemetaries in 120 days than I've seen in my entire life. Actually I saw more in half a day of driving in any state in the south, than I've seen in my lifetime.
Historic, old homes. Crumbling to pieces. So sad.
Historic, old homes, gloriously kept up.
Presidents homestead.
Learned that many of our first presidents were farmers. And lawyers to pay the bills.
We got sun!!! And tans. And it still keeps coming!
We've seen miraculous thunderstorms.
We avoided a hurricane. 
Visiting the Billy Graham Library.
We've walk the actual land where men died in battle.
Trees. Lots and lots of trees. Pretty colors.
Majestic national parks.
Route 66.
An amazing aquarium.
Cracker Barrel. Yum. We've eaten at Cracker Barrel in every state out of WA.
Driving an hour out of our way to one of food networks "acclaimed" Diners, Drive In and Dives and then seeing that it closed at 6pm. Really.
24/7 family time. Take that as you will.
Living in 240 square feet.
Cooking in 23 square feet. Oops, that includes the refer.
No dishwasher. Unless you count Scott...
Baking bread.
Laundromats. Hadn't used one since I moved to Spokane for a brief period and our old home didn't have a washer or dryer. I miss my helpers.
Making homemade shampoo and conditioner.
Southern accents.
Yes ma'am.
Standing on the mall looking at the Washington Monument.
The Washington Cathedral.
State capital buildings. Oh wow!
Seeing a county courthouse that had burned down 3 times. They finally moved the heating system to another building off-site.
Driving an hour just to find a natural food store.
Watching the boys - one in particular come out of his shell.
Old fashioned street lights. Still being used.
Visiting my grandparents at Arlington National Cemetary.
Walking the track that is home to NASCAR.
Making new friends. Yeah! (and thank you).
Sadness at leaving our friends - some that really were (are still) closer than family.We really miss you.

Truly, it has been an incredible journey so far, despite some of our trying times. We are encouraged though that we have made it this far. Originally, Scott had said we would only be able to make it for 2 months and I had said 6. We're in between now and so far so good.

I do desperately miss the farm. Everything about it really. The animals, the smells, running my hands through fresh compost, cleaning stalls and more than anything else, all the wonderful people who came by so often.


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  1. Anonymous10/15/2011

    It sounds like such a fun adventure. I hope you find your new place soon though.