Charlotte, NC, Billy Graham Library

Here's a can't miss tour opportunity for the southeast. The Billy Graham Library. D and I first saw the Billy Graham Library almost a year ago in November when we first visited Charlotte. We recently went as a family (less the oldest, who is still living in Seattle with Gammy and working as a nanny) and enjoyed it so much more.

It is awesome. In the most moving sense of the word. What we didn't see that first time was the "show". I don't like calling it that, because I feel it cheapens the experience, but there really isn't another word that quite describes what you will see. 
Near and far, a life long journey as a remarkable man shares the word of Jesus Christ with the world. Billy Graham will hear the words Christ followers around the world long to hear one day, "Well done, good and faithful servant."  

 Outside the breathtaking "barn" are lovely landscapes complete with a pathway that takes you down to see the final resting spot of Ruth Graham, his stedfast partner in life. 
Words fail me to describe it all. Really, it just needs to be seen. More information on the facility can be found at Bill Graham Library. This is one of those places you must see.

This post is dedicated to my grandpa Paul. A heart for Jesus, strong supporter of BGEA and our prayer warrior. We'll see you soon.

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