Smells, Herbs, Flavors and Disney

As I've said before, I like to experiment with food. I've also said that I win some and I loose some. I think that the more you experiment, the more you get a feel for what will go together and what won't. It just takes time, patience and a loving family. :-)

You also start to learn about flavors and smells. I love the Disney movie Ratatouille, where Remi (the rat) starts grabbing jars of spices and smelling them. I'm a Remi. I like to actually smell the spices and see what smells good together. Most folks know that Basil and Oregano are good together, but what about other combination's?

On the road, I'm working to find new combination as well as use old favorites to keep good flavor with our foods. A favorite combination for me is: paprika, garlic, onion powder, pepper and either celery salt or sea salt. Sometimes a little chives added in.

I bet those of you who camp a lot are asking how I'm storing my seasonings and herbs. Very simple answer: right on the counter. If we're going to park where that spot is in the sun, I guess I'll have to choose to either keep the window closed all the time or move it to a shady spot. Back to cooking outside on the grill ... it's way to warm to cook inside the camper right now.

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