OTR: Redwoods National Forest, CA Part 2

Earlier, I had posted some of our trip information on our trip into the Redwoods. There is a whole other area that we just visited as well that is pretty good entertainment as well - The Trees of Mystery a little further down in Klamath, CA but still part of the Redwoods. The Trees of Mystery is Native American owned facility that is home to a GIANT Paul Bunyon.

When I say giant, I mean his boots are 10' tall alone! Overall, this statue stood over 49' tall and weighed in at 30,000 pounds. Even bigger though is his base. I'm guessing there is a lot underground because the base alone weighs in at 800,000 pounds! Crazy. That is a lot of concrete!

They have a great aerial tram that takes you up 500 some vertical feet in the Sky Trail tram. Not for the faint of heart of those afraid of heights.
See the terror in their faces?
But the view from the top - oh my! There is a little peekaboo view of the ocean through the tops of the trees that is totally amazing.
I know, it's kind of hard to differentiate between the blue sky and the blue water, but in that "V" in the middle of the pix is the Pacific Ocean. Cool.

After that amazing trip up and then back down, we had a few more stops along the way in their trees. One, was this way cool cathedral that the trees just naturally shaped. A great place for weddings.
 On our way back home, we stopped to see one of the three, yep, 3 Redwoods large enough to drive through. This one was in Klamath as well.
 Tight fit. The opening of this tree was only 7'4" wide and was 9'6" high. It is about 90' tall to the point where the wind snapped it off, but like many of God's creations, it was intent to continue to live: it has side branches that have grown up off of it and make it over 165' tall now.

On the drive home, we took it a little slower, even without the big rig behind us. Good thing we did, otherwise we might have missed the most wonderful sight of the day:
I take a peek down a side road and there she is. A deer walking across the road to the ranger's station. A quick stop and Scott hops out to take a picture of her when we all see the rest of the herd...
This is just part of the herd.
All in all, it was a fun day for the whole family. Tired and a little dusty, we hit the hay around 9pm and slept sound all night. Thank you National Park Service for preserving such an amazing treat for all of us.

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