Meet Our Newest Addition - Abby

We've been known for far too long as the farm without  a farm dog. Well, we don't have the farm at the moment (coming soon ...), but we now have the farm dog: Abby.
Abby. All 14 pounds of her.
Miss Abby decided to call us her new family when we adopted her from the Cabarrus County Humane Society. Wonderful people, by the way. There was just something about her, despite her tiny little size, that said, "take me home and I'll love you forever." So we did. On the ride home, we stopped for a snack for the boys and little Miss Abby sat quietly watching them eat. What manners!

Three days later Dakota and "his" dog were in puppy training class. We have a wonderful trainer, Amber, at the Kannapolis Pet Smart.  Abby is a bit of a show off. Within hours, not only did she know sit and down, but Dakota started working with her on other commands (yes, with a little help from mom).  Abby was the only girl in her class and weekly she showed all those boys who really was in charge. Not only did she try to take charge during play time (even with the huge Labradoodle "puppy"), she also wanted to make sure she showed everyone else in the class up by doing her commands as they were asked. Yep, show off. 

Now at 5 1/2 months, Miss Abby is blending in well to our family and - for her age - is amazingly well behaved. She absolutely loves going on car rides , although we have to remember NOT to feed her before we leave, and is well behaved. She is definitely a southern belle ... she loves the heat and will snuggle up against you. Even when you feel overheated all ready.  A little high strung we are finding, if someone doesn't work with her for a while, but even then, it's more activity than anything else. 

Thank you Miss Abby for joining our farm. And our family. 
Abby and D on graduation day.


  1. What a cutie. I love the look on her face :)

  2. Anonymous10/20/2011

    What a sweet dog!

  3. So we found out last week that Abby is part Basenji. In researching the breed, she's spot on - except she does know how to bark. When she's "protecting" her boys. :-) We love her no matter what she is, but it was kind of fun to hear from a "pro" what they thought she was.