Questions to Ask Campgrounds

If you go camping, there are always things you forget, right? Mine is to ask questions about the facility we will be calling "home" even if just for a few days. Here are my new questions and I hope that you will add some of your own too.

How close are the campsite to the main road / freeway? What is traffic like at night? Are there train tracks nearby?

How's your mosquito population? Are there any still lakes or flooded areas? 16 mosquito bites, from a 10 minute walk (run actually - away from them) WITH bug spray on will always make me ask this question from now on.

Do you have internet access? If yes, is it free or is there a charge? Is there a limit to the bandwidth? Learned this one the hard way.

Are your parking areas level? Are they gravel, dirt or concrete? What happens when it rains?

OK, I know there are some I've already forgotten, so please help me out and post some of your own as well.

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  1. New questions to add:
    1. Do you have commercial garbage service and if so, what day and time do them come? (we got a wake up call at 5am this morning).
    2. Do you have separate areas for long term residents and campers? (at 5:30 the last few mornings, we've been waken by the neighbor rev'ing his engine, going to work).