OTR: See For Miles at Bryce Canyon

You've heard the expression, "you can see for miles", right? Bryce Point, the highest point inside Bryce Canyon, has it all. See for miles? How about 104 miles? Yep, you read that right - one hundred and four miles is the sight distance from the top. Let's compare it for a minute ... Yosemite National Park has a visibility of 47 miles, Seattle 33 miles and Chicago/LA & DC all tie with only 12 miles. 104 is pretty impressive.  It is second in visual distance only to Great Basin National Park which has 116 miles of visibility. 

Forget about the "mile high" city. We're pushing in at almost 2 miles ... top elevation at Bryce Point is 9,115. Your probably thinking, wow, what a drive up. Not as much as you think. Our elevation here at the campground is 6,900 . One thing we didn't think about was the air pressure.  Definitely feeling a heaviness when breathing - especially on the longer walks and hikes.

The beauty of Bryce Canyon cannot be explained with words alone. Even the pictures don't really do it justice, but here are a few.

The wildlife are alive and well inside the park. They are obviously well accustomed to humans being in their territory as they barely twitch an ear at all the passers by as they munch right along the side of the road. See these two boys?
  And how about this gorgeous little fawn?

The natural beauty is so amazing and something you really have to see in person to fully enjoy. We would highly recommend that anyone going to Utah plan a visit to Bryce Canyon! We've been to the Grand Canyon before and this tops it for us.

On another note, we've tried it a couple times now, but third times a charm: The boys finally were able to complete everything they needed to earn their Junior Ranger's Badges for Bryce Canyon National Park. Good job guys!

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