Concord, NC; Charlotte Motor Speedway

I think there is probably a law against not visiting something car related in the Charlotte area, so being good citizens, we drove the 8/10s of a mile over to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Summer Shootout Series. Oh what fun we had! These are kids of varying ages, competing for one of the south's (and really, America's) most famous sports. Car racing.  Although we had every intention of buying 4 tickets to get in to the races, we were truly blessed. First by one of the assistants who gave us two adult tickets to get in and next, as we were walking in to buy the two extra tickets for the boys, someone was walking out and asked if we needed 2 tickets. Really? Seriously. 4 free tickets for the event. We more than made up for it with snacks and other stuff. 

We also got to attend the Food Lion Auto Fair. It's a car show on steroids. Really. Every type and class of car you can imagine. Need an original part for one of your own vehicles? No problem, you'll find hundreds (seriously) of vendors selling wares for your vehicle. Once again, we were blessed, by someone else staying in our campground, with free tickets to get in.

Scott, of course, is in 7th heaven with his love of NASCAR, and to relate it to all of our passions, Charlotte Motor Speedway (formerly Lowes Motor Speedway) is the home track to more NASCAR drivers than any other track in America. There are museums, art galleries, interactive exhibits and so much more in the area - all related to car racing. You can't go anywhere without seeing some sort of reference to the racing industry, whether it be the car dealerships - owned by NASCAR drivers, or the local restaurant that has banners of their favorite drivers, or even the mall which houses an entire Speedway Park - fun for the whole family based on car racing experiences.

If you like car racing, you will love Concord, NC!

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