Have You Seen Our New Website?

The riding lesson program has been so popular that it really needed it's own dedicated site with more information than we could put on one page. So, go on over and visit


and tell us what you think. Did you get to meet all of our instructors over there? We've got a pretty diverse group of very talented instructors.


Whole Cow Ground Beef

Well, it's that time. While we're always sad to see one of our livestock animals go, we know that we've treated them well. fed them the best we could get, respected them and they are giving us back the most amazing food we could ask for.
We're actually processing our bull, who ended up throwing more horned calves than polled (naturally born without horns) which the Irish Dexter can come in both varieties.
Thank you Red for your amazing gift!


Farm Cats & Down Time

Every farm has cats.
We have cats.
We give them the very special title of Organic Rodent Patrol Officers. 
Here, a few of the younger ones are out playing together. 


The Turkey Wants In!!

HA! Yes, we free range our turkeys. Maybe a little too much so! :)

Contact us TODAY if you want in on one of our free range turkeys for Thanksgiving. Free ranged & fed a GMO free feed. $3.95/lb, between 17-22 lbs. $30 deposit required.


Chicken Fried Steak

A few weeks ago we processed our first cow in Idaho and one of our first meals was Chicken Fried Steak. We had NO leftovers as even the pickiest eater loved it. I'm going to think that my cooking had something to do with it, but I'm pretty sure the grass fed & finished beef made a statement all it's own.

Looking for some amazing, grass fed beef? Contact Corinne to be put on the waiting list for next year's harvest!

Coming later this week are freshly harvested, pastured turkeys for the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner ever.