Farm Tours

One of our favorite things to do with the farm is teach. We love being able to teach both kids as well as adults the how & why of what we do as well as for them to learn more about it for themselves.

Does your child's school do field trips? If so, forward this page on to your teacher and we'll get them scheduled in!

You can find out more about our farm tours at: http://www.willowsedgefarm.com/farm-tour.html



Sven - Frozen?

Not at all the same Sven as from the movie Frozen, but we think this guy is even better! 

Willows Sven is a breath taking long yearling, WHITE dun, Norwegian Fjord colt with such amazing potential. He has beautiful movement and is our of an imported German mare who has received her Blue Conformation in the NFHR evaluations and his sire is an import direct from Norway. He is currently available for sale. Did you just say you wanted a Fjord horse of your own some day? :) 


Von and Valerie

There's something very sweet about cows and how they herd together. Below are Von and Valerie hanging out and I'm sure they're wondering what in the world I'm doing. Love our little Irish Dexter cattle!
Contact us today if you're ready for an Irish Dexter cow of your own.

Registered Irish Dexter starter herds from $2500.

If you could have any animals at all, what would you choose and why? 


Have You Seen Our New Website?

The riding lesson program has been so popular that it really needed it's own dedicated site with more information than we could put on one page. So, go on over and visit


and tell us what you think. Did you get to meet all of our instructors over there? We've got a pretty diverse group of very talented instructors.