Bowl of Cuteness! OH MY!!

One of our baby barn cats ... who is almost too cute for words! 


Discing up the Sheep pen

Every now and then it just has to be done. We're not fans of discing up the land - and don't for our large hay fields, but this small area is hard & compacted and it just needs to be done. 

As a bonus, all that sheep poo in there will be a great fertilizer when it comes time to seed!



Have you heard of gleaning? Just Google the word and you'll come up with definitions, groups and more. We were on our way back from picking up half a ton of our GMO free feed for the chickens and found these and a few more handfuls along the side of the road, next to the field after the trucks picked the field clean. We asked the farmer surveying his field and he was happy to have them go to a good home.

Now, I have no idea how these were grown and really, the location tells me it was conventional, but I'm not going to "kick a gift horse in the mouth" and turn down free food. We actually ended up slicing them and putting them in the food dehydrator and then pulverized them in the blender. We had about 8 of this size and ended up with about 1 1/2 cups of onion powder. NOTE: Do NOT dehydrate onions in the house. This is a job best left for outside - plus, if it's warm enough, the ambient temperature will help it along as well.

Thinking about gleaning? Check out some other sites, but make sure you follow common courtesy - take only what you will use! Leave some for others to glean as well. This is not the time to be stock piling.


Farm Tours

One of our favorite things to do with the farm is teach. We love being able to teach both kids as well as adults the how & why of what we do as well as for them to learn more about it for themselves.

Does your child's school do field trips? If so, forward this page on to your teacher and we'll get them scheduled in!

You can find out more about our farm tours at: http://www.willowsedgefarm.com/farm-tour.html



Sven - Frozen?

Not at all the same Sven as from the movie Frozen, but we think this guy is even better! 

Willows Sven is a breath taking long yearling, WHITE dun, Norwegian Fjord colt with such amazing potential. He has beautiful movement and is our of an imported German mare who has received her Blue Conformation in the NFHR evaluations and his sire is an import direct from Norway. He is currently available for sale. Did you just say you wanted a Fjord horse of your own some day? :)