Life On the Road - In the Slow Lane

At 10+ miles to the gallon, some might argue that RV'ing is expensive. Especially with prices hovering around $4.50 a gallon for diesel in parts of the West. And there are days we would strongly agree. The other half of me then argues that there are huge savings to be experienced ... you can find really nice campgrounds for $20-40 a night (yes, there are those dives too, as we've experienced). Heck, if you don't mind boondocking it, you can find places to stay for free.

How much do you spend on meals? Even in fast food restaurants? Cooking from your RV can not only save you money (and a LOT in my opinion), it's also healthier and you know what you are putting in your meals. I am not - by any means - saying we eat every meal here. Hardly. But, instead comparing it to hotels and all meals in the restaurants.

But one of the most exciting parts of RV'ing is your speed. I know, you are saying right now, "ARE YOU CRAZY?" Most drivers getting stuck behind an RV are just waiting for the next turn out to hurry up and get past that big beast. I have been there - "Hurry up, get around that guy!" "Here comes a pull out, so make sure we get around that thing." "Do they have to drive that slow?" Really. Words out of my mouth. But, we are looking forward to that pull out more than ever! I am noticing that the "slower" speed of RV'ing allows us to see things we never would have seen before.

Hawk circling for lunch.
The hawks that circle over the open green pastures, looking for their next meal.

The funny street names that we used to just zoom on past and never give a first look, let alone a second - Slaughter House Lane (yes, seriously).

The differences in the landscapes from area to area, and some of the very interesting street vendors along the way.

The interesting architecture too.

Even more than those though, are the amazing conversations that you can have with your spouse or your kids. You'll learn things. Doesn't matter how long you've been together or how much you do as a family. You will still learn things, I promise!

While I know that  being stuck behind a big ol' trailer is not most peoples idea of fun, next time it does happen, take the time for a few to see and enjoy the beauty around you. You'll pass it quick enough.
Now, off to see if we can find a local farmer's market. Or a farmer. Whichever comes first! We promise - we will pull over just as soon as safe space allows.

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