Boondocking it!

Well, night one was quite the adventure. It took us 7 hours to get down to Salem, Oregon ... a normal 4 + hour drive. It's OK though, we're not on a schedule. We ended up our evening, after a fun dinner out with the boys chowing down, dry camping - aka Boondocking - at the Super Walmart in Salem.

We knew there were some things we wanted to pick up there; a couple bicycle helmets for the boys, milk and a few other things. Yes, Walmart has not only Horizon Organic milk for Scott, but also my beloved Almond milk. For those of us with dairy allergies, almond milk is amazing!

So, we got permission to park overnight and went to "sleep" in our trailer. I guess I thought that people slept at night. I guessed wrong. The strangest part was the people running past at 3 in the morning. Too dark for jogging right? I'm not sure I want to know why someone was running past at that time of the morning. Or the person who started to knock on the side of the trailer about 5am. Oh well, it was free and seriously, I'm not complaining. It was one of those unique learning experiences: we need to take a better look at the parking lot to see where traffic will be coming in come morning and how exactly then, we will navigate to get out. :)  It was exactly what we were wanting to experience.

It also gave us a sample of life with only batteries. Not being hooked up to any electric power made us really think about every single light, running the water pump and yes, the lack of an outlet for making coffee in the morning. Or at least, how we "normally" make coffee. Did you know you can heat water and pour it over instant coffee??? I bet you didn't even know I would drink instant coffee, huh? I think the lack of coffee is making me a little silly, but hopefully, you'll bear with me.

What do you think you couldn't live without? Would love to hear your thoughts...

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