Good-Bye or See You Later, The Journey Begins

Good-bye or see you later?

It has been a busy week for us. We've traveled from Northern California, through Oregon and back "home" to Washington in time to put together a celebration party for our oldest, who graduated high school this weekend. Congrats Miss Chelsea!!

And then it happened. I finally got sick. Saturday, the day of the graduation walk and her party, I got a stomach bug. And a headache. Oh my. Not that I never get sick, but it's not a common occurrence. I was able to make it to graduation, and part of her party, but even that ended up being too much and Father's Day, Farmer Scott was on his own with the boys. Luckily it passed relatively quickly and we got on the road Monday, a little late, but still kept on moving.

Leaving though is bittersweet. We have big dreams and a plan, but it involves leaving not only our beloved farm, animals and business, but our family and friends as well. But today, we say not good-bye, but just see you later. We look forward to finding the right location that will fulfill not only our dreams, but will allow for family and friends to come and stay for a while. For others to come and learn. A journey for all, to be sure.

The Journey Begins

Leaving the Seattle area a little late due to illness, our original plan was to hit Boise by evening. Duh. What were we thinking? Yeah, that might be OK if we were two of us, traveling in a car, driving the speed limit. But we're not. We've got 2 young-ish boys that are full of energy oozing out of every seam. We've got a big truck. And a bigger trailer. As I said in my previous post, we're not quite going the speed limit. It actually more likely that we're doing just shy of 60 on the freeway to have any sort of reasonable gas mileage.  So in actuality, we ended up just over the border in Fruitland, Idaho at a rest area because we were too exhausted to try and find any other place to park for a few hours of sleep. OK, this was a first for us. No, you don't really get sleep at a rest area, just rest. Note to self: off freeway parking when you are used to sleeping in the country is a good thing.

The most amazing thing happened a little earlier that night though. We saw stars. Not just the big dipper and his friends, but seriously, the sky was littered with stars. The entire Milk Way galazy.  Being out in the middle of basically nowhere, and not having the city light polution, you can see things. OK, maybe not the deer on the side of the road that I'm sure where there, but the most amazing creation ever made. OK, second most, or third, but you get my point. This wasn't what you see in the glossy photos of National Geographics. Or even in the wonderful planetariums. The only way to describe it would be, if you had a very large black piece of paper, placed rocks to form the known constellations on it and then threw sand up in the air over the paper and let it fall. That would be pretty close to how covered the sky was with stars.

So even though we were tired, we were star struck in the best way possible.  Now, onto Utah...see you later!

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