We Actually Did Adopt Some Kittens

The ad read, "Momma came in the middle of the night and delivered a litter of kittens in our garage. Help." We were on it! We ended up taking the two least friendly kittens as they didn't think they would be adoptable by others. Perfect for a farm ... we don't need social kittens as much as we do ones who want to hunt for us. Which they - as small as they are still - have already done.
They are almost impossible to find, let alone see, but I did catch them "hiding" in one of the garage areas. They are absolutely adorable. I just wish maybe a tiny bit less skidish.

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  1. They are so adorable! What sweet little ones!

    They will get less skittish with handling and hand feeding. We adopted two babies like those many years ago. They lived indoors with us where we petted them at every opportunity. Very soon they were climbing up our legs to purr loudly and snuggle in our laps every time we sat down. It didn't take more than a couple of weeks. Feed them special treats while you hold them in your lap.

    You do need them! We were over run with field mice in the house until we got our two. The big male is outdoors all night every night in nice weather and just lines them up on the porch, when he doesn't eat them, that is.