Series: Local Food and Why It's Important 2

As promised, we're going on a little road trip to the country. Or the city. Farm stands are popping up everywhere and farmer's markets are growing. Here again, as the farmer's markets are growing in popularity - also called gross revenue - more and more of the sellers are not actual producers but have produce shipped in from distances unknown and are reselling them. YOU have to ask and do your homework.

Did you know: "60% of Farm Bill subsidies go to 10% of the largest corporate farms"?

Do you  know if the fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and other foods you buy are grown or raised nearby on family farms? Or is your family's food grown thousands of miles away and then, using huge distribution networks, transported vast distances to local stores via ship, train, airplane and truck?

Right now you still have a choice, but what about tomorrow.

Cheap food is just that. Cheap. Quality will cost a little more, but you will gain health benefits, freshness as well as flavor. Real flavor. More so, you are ensuring a future of choice when you support small, regional farms.

We're also going to be giving you a few personal challenge. Didn't tell you that, did we?

CHALLENGE 1: We challenge you to find a couple large pots or a few square feet of un-used land (or seriously - in your landscaping!) and plant a few seeds to grow your own lettuce, radishes, peas or spinach. Do it today and in 4-8 weeks, you will have food that hasn't traveled more than a few feet to table.

OK, now tell us what you're planting this year. Inquiring minds want to know!

Data and information was used with permission from The Tilth Producers of WA.

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