Series: Local Food and Why it's Important 1

Everyone needs to eat. Eating good food gives us pleasure and keeps us healthy. But how do we know what is good food?

A few year's back, I was privileged to share some time with one of the ladies from Tilthe Producers of WA and was given permission to share from their amazing booklet about buying locally. I just never got around to it . . .

I have just now run across the booklet again and am going to be offering you information from 10 Reasons to Buy Your Food from Regional Family Farms over the next couple weeks. Statistics and data that will astound you. It did me.

For example, did you know more than 100,000 US families lost their farms between 1996 and 2001? In a short 5 years - in GOOD times, 20,000 farms closed their doors each year.

Just what do you know about the food you and your family eat?
Can you answer the following -
* Where it was grown?
* How it was grown?
* Who grew it?
* When it was harvested?
* What pesticides or fertilizers were used?

If your answer to any of the above is "no", join with us on a little adventure, with great information from the Tilthe over the next few weeks.

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