Farm Update III

I'm not sure what else to call it other than Farm Update III, but it's a little list of what we have accomplished over the last month (May). While some of you are in awe and others could care less. For me, it's motivation. I get to go back through my month and there is just something amazing about writing down all those things we've accomplished.

For those of you without a farm, I am guessing your days are filled chock full, just differently. We've definitely slacked on things like getting involved with groups - or really, even friends. While that may sound a little sad, there is definitely a "honeymoon" of sorts going on here. It's really the only way to describe the feelings of sheer joy and excitement when we think of something new to do here. Even more so when we complete a project. Which leads me to "The List"...

May saw the completion, finally, of the visiting barn. Not so much of a visiting barn right now, but that is what we have planned for it.
New paddocks

Krystall was weaned off all her medications and we're holding our breath to see what will happen.

We picked up Lochlann and Roxanne. What a whirlwind of a trip! Actually, it was my Mother's Day present; Scott made the trip there and back for me.

We pulled out about 3 miles of fencing. Barbed wire (a vets way to put their kids through college ;) ) and high tensile wire, both 2 and 3 strand wire. Oh my is that stuff hard to control.

Perimeter fencing

The main, large pasture (approx 6 acres) was mowed again and then we put the disc on it. We're going to try the more environmentally friendly way to take care of annual weed - keep tilling them under so the plants eventually don't get to seed stage and there will be nothing will grow back.

Looking into sheep breeds and importing from the UK. Unfortunately, you cannot bring live animals in...

We built a pastured poultry pen for our new hens. 

We have things growing in our garden.

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