Getting Ready to Live

We bought a project property as our "retirement farm" and knew that from the moment we drove onto the property. Scott and I enjoy doing projects together though, and so this will be a fun one for us. First things first though, we have to get the house liveable (for us while we're here...) before we can do anything with the outside and the barns.
Before ... kitchen and dining area

Before ... bathroom

Paint is first. I love bold colors, but the house is small and needs some bright, light colors to open it up and make it feel a little bigger. If that was it, the process would almost seem too simple though.

The carpets and laminate flooring are also coming out as we think they are holding a lot of stink in them as well ... you know it's bad when you can see the outline of where the furniture was! YUK. New carpet is scheduled for tomorrow. Scott and I are taking out the flooring in the kitchen (laminate) and are going to be leveling the very un-level, concrete floor before we add some nice, simple wood flooring later this week.

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