One Step Forward ...

My goodness, it's been a few weeks since I've had time to write a post. As the title implies, we've had our fare share of delays.

The house was close to being a tear down. There are days we think maybe we should have. Little things like replacing the dishwasher that should have been a couple hours at most, turned into a 3 day project removing rotten flooring and cleaning/removing mildew from the floors and walls behind it.

Then there was the concrete floor in the dining area that needed to be filled since it was 4 inches lower in the middle than the sides. When we went to remove the trim from the wall we discovered more mold behind. Tried to scrub the mold off the walls and yep, the walls were rotten. Off comes the drywall and there is wood paneling behind it. Rotten as well. Behind that? Yes, you knew there was another layer didn't you?! Plywood and yes, it as well was rotten. Here's the upside ... it wasn't up more than about 6 inches and we cut out 30 inches to be safe and for it's replacement. :-) The other advantage is that all that was attached to the concrete walls that the house are built with, so that was all safe and capable of being used over again. While he was rebuilding the RIGHT WAY, farmer Scott decided to do some extra insulation. Whoohoo for more insulation. New floor is finally installed in the dining area of the kitchen and photos will be coming soon. It is pretty though.

So, hopefully you will understand that when I say we've been busy, we really have been busy. More updates to come.
More soon!

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