Hoover Dam Trip

Backtracking a few weeks as I just found these photos. We hadn't been to Hoover Dam in 15 years. Actually, it was 15 years ago to the week - and we hadn't planned it that way either! A lot has changed.

There is a new bridge that totally bypasses Hoover Dam now. Last time we were there - pre 9/11 - everyone drove over the bridge to get to the other side. Now, this expanse is covered with a 4 lane highway going over it. There is also security. LOTS of security. Most of it I understand, but one of the rules threw us. No dogs on the Dam. Period. Nope, sorry, you can't leave your pet in your car in any of their parking lots either (we tried the covered garage for Abby's safety and were told "no way, none of the lots). So, the boys got to go have some fun walking on Hoover Dam. Abby and I enjoyed some quality time together.

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