Simple Things for Simple Minds

I’ll be the first to admit it: there are days that I’m about as simple as it gets. Take for example our brief stop at a rest area along the freeway. This wasn’t just any rest stop though, it was a Texas Rest Area. Texas sized. Even a large, newer playground (with a fabulously soft, foamish type footing) for the kids. Yes, really. See: 

Gorgeous architecture. Even more so for a rest stop.
And then this gorgeous, air conditioned building with great state facts and touch computer screens, wireless internet for those of us bringing our own computers and even a full time security person there monitoring everything with the assistance of security cameras strategically placed around the facility. Yes, really, this is a rest stop. OK, for those of you from Texas or other states that have these kind of rest stops are thinking, no big deal. But we’ve been on the road for months now, this was the nicest thing we’ve seen yet.

The lobby with the touch screens
 And then there were the bathrooms. Large bathrooms. Pretty bathrooms. And most importantly clean bathrooms. Yes, I did take my camera in there. I promise, no one was in there - I checked - I just wanted to show you how amazing it was. 
Pretty and SUPER clean

Stall dividers are solid marble

A wall mural in the women's restroom - made from tiles
Even a tornado shelter - just in case

Security at a rest stop with cameras watching all the rigs outside. Love it.
 If the rest stops in Texas are any indication of state as a whole, I'm impressed. So much I would consider living there if it weren't for the extreme heat and lack of water. 

We thank you Texas for being so very gracious and hospitable to those weary travelers passing through.

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