Route 66 and Cars…the Movie

Life Is a Highway
Route 66. We've all heard of it, but our family actually got to enjoy it. Whoohoo!! What a beautiful, yet very small, part of the country. 

“Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see…” the song goes. Well, we had a fun stop in Winslow, Az overnight. Overnight because we were driving through in the darkness and there was just no way we could go through this famous town without stopping. 
This photo was actually taken in New Mexico on 66
Being the trip photographer, I had to take a picture of the guys, standing on a corner, in yes, Winslow, Arizona. Scott was grinning from ear to ear as the little store behind them played, yes, The Eagles and the music poured out onto the sidewalk. Too funny. Funnier still that I can't find the pictures!

Funny thing. We didn’t realize that Winslow was on Route 66. Did you know Route 66 will take you all the way from California to Chicago? We do now. A lot of it is 2 lanes, going through small, quaint little towns that are as charming as you can imagine. Interestingly enough, we were at the Pacific end of 66 back in January of this year...
End of Route 66 on the Santa Monica Pier in California

Have you seen the original movie, Cars? Oh my gosh! As you drive through on Rte 66, through the town of Winslow, there are parts of the road where I stopped, looked and thought, “OK, that was an inspiration for the movie Cars, for sure.” Really, all across the country, on drives through Route 66, we've seen inspirations for the movie. I wish that I could find the rest of the photos ... where have you gone??? 
If I find them, I'll update this page ...
This place looked like Luigi's place

Doc Hudson?
Just as an add on, we did go see the second one; Cars 2. We all agreed that while it was ok, the first was certainly the original and wasn’t topped by this new creation. I think we all left just a little disappointed that we had seen so much with our drive, that maybe we were expecting just a little more, not a little less.

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