Long Time, No Post. Yikes.

Oh my gosh - Bryce Canyon, Salt Lake City and the Oregon Caves? Has it really been that long since I've updated the blog? Boy oh boy has it ever! I appologize to all who are wondering what the heck we've been up to and if we are still alive. This post proves the latter to be true.  I'll be working trying to catch you up on the adventure and some of our amazing stops we've made. It may be a little out of order, but for those who know us, is this really anything out of the ordinary ;-).

We've traveled cross country, seen some good, some bad and some really heartbreaking areas. We've been in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for a while now and REALLY love it here. We've been through their heat wave as well as remnants from Hurricane Lee and tornado warnings. Did you know there was a difference between a tornado warning and just a tornado watch? I didn't. Holy smokes - crazy stuff!

I said Charlotte area, but we are actually in Concord, NC, home of NASCAR. Scott is one happy man. Sunshine and fast cars. Part of the reason for the delay in posting updates has been the limited internet available. It seems on the West coast, you can find free internet everywhere. Including campgrounds. Good luck in even trying to find a campground in the Charlotte area that isn't more than a parking lot with electricity. But here we are, loving it ... just limited connectivity. As I type, I have a whole 124 mb's to last for 3 days on our internet plan.

I promise, more coming soon...photos may take a bit longer to update as they are large on the internet uploading scale.  

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