Lack of Campgrounds in the South

What is happening? The further south and east we go, the fewer and fewer campgrounds there are. The West is covered with campgrounds, and of course, that keeps costs fairly reasonable. The more we travel, the more space in between campgrounds and the higher their prices go. 
We are noticing a lot of what seems to be long term residents living in some of the campgrounds. While I am sure there are many who have done this for a long time, I do wonder if our economy has to do with some of them. 
The other thing we have noticed moving southeast is the lack of community in the campgrounds. We being crazy non-conformists, buck this trend everywhere we land. I can't imagine living 10 feet from someone and not knowing their name or a little about them. Interestingly enough, people seem to really enjoy it and are very welcoming once we make the first move. It has its benefits too! We've received all sorts of little gifts from neighbors - anything from a beautiful, handmade dish cloth to a bag of dog food for Miss Abby (who is quite the socialite as well), to tickets to a Charlotte Motor Speedway events (yes, plural; events) for the whole family. 
We love camping, and I know others do as well. This is our own little plea for those thinking about starting a campground in the south: Please do! 
What have your campground experiences been like?

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