Homeschooling ... in 240 sq ft. and in new states

Most homeschoolers already know, school at home is legal in all 50 states, but boy oh boy, do the laws around the country have their differences.

School in North Carolina starts August 25. I heard it became almost a bit of competition for the schools, a few years back, to see who could start the earliest. When schools started posting the first day of school at the beginning of August, the state legislators got involved and said NO SIR. No school until Aug. 25th, and so here we were ... kids all around us were starting school while we were still planning on an early September start. 
We scrambled to get the rest of our books - even though technically, we still call ourselves residents of Washington state - we didn't want the boys to feel like they were behind their local peers. Knowing we would have slower days with traveling, it really was time to start up again. We ended up starting August 30th and the boys have settled in pretty well.
I say pretty well because, heck, they are boys after all. The boys feed off of each other. Anyone know what I mean? One starts making faces, the other starts making, well, we'll call it "noises" and then before you know it, competition starts, laughing and then crying. Holy Cow! School work? OK, those are the moments where God is working on my patience. Not that I thought starting school in 240 square feet would be easy. I'm just not sure I thought it would be as hard as it is at moments.

Time to get back on track. Back to school. Stop the silly noises. ARGH!!  Since I don't really have any pictures of me going crazy while the boys do their "boy" stuff, I did get one sweet little picture of E at the library doing some schoolwork. I think it's a nice little outing and gets them both used to other people making lots of noises around them while they work. :-) 

What is your biggest challenge the kids give you? You know, the ones where you know God must be teaching you about patience.

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