Remember the Movie Bull Durham?

Road Trip! This is our one and only hotel stay of the entire trip so far ... when we started heading north east to Greensboro and then onto Raleigh-Durham area. No reservations, clothes or anything besides the boys swim trunks which were in the truck from a visit to the Y the day before. But in the end, it was so totally worth it. Thankfully, the hotel was gracious and offered us four toothbrushes!

So, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. The Durham Bull's are alive and well. And not a fictional baseball team. Sometimes I feel like I've led a really sheltered life. Me: "Really? They are an actual team?" All I got was a look ... the look. Oh well. It's not just a little team either. 

It seems to be quite the city phenomenon - every where you go, it's Bull something or another. 

And oh what a stadium they have too. Big, beautiful and brick. There is a lot of brick in the south.

Look, there - it's the BULL! Isn't that the exact same one from the movie?   

It is just another one of those fiction follows reality kind of stories I guess. Don't know about all the players and the goings on behind the scenes, but yes, there really is a Durham Bull ball team. 

More of our life on the road as I continue to go through the photos we've taken. I had no idea that I hadn't gone through them all. Have an awesome day!!

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