Salt Lake City, UT

As the sign says, Life Elevated. They aren't kidding. Most of the areas where we have driven through have been between 4000-8000 in elevation. Beside a very ugly fuel bill, this is also some of the most interesting country we've seen.

Some of the largest grain elevators I've ever seen in my time driving across the country a few times are located in the burbs of SLC. Here are some photos of them...

Yep, those are all photos of different grain elevators. All within minutes of Salt Lake City.

Then, I was able to capture a couple more photos:

I don't know if you can read the names on the side ... we were driving by at 60 and didn't get a second chance to take a better photo, but the top one says Desert Mill, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the bottom one says Welfare Square, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Mormon's own some of these massive grain storage elevators.

What a gorgeous downtown area - and clean! Salt Lake is obviously going through some new, major construction right now and the freeways are a big part of it. Really pretty freeways. Up to 6 lanes of freeway in each direction includes one HOV lane.  I guess if you have to have traffic to sit in from time to time, this has got to be one of the prettiest sections of freeways we've ever seen.

The other thing we noticed were all the churches.

See the tall, white steeple back there

 Not that we were expecting less driving through Salt Lake City, but it was interesting to see a church surrounded by homes and then a mile down the road another church surrounded by more homes and again, down the road more of the same.
Another one

Another tall steeple...

There were so many more photos, but I digress. It was very interesting to see so many community based churches, in what I can only imagine you would attend your local, neighborhood church. Any of my Mormon friends or folks from SLC who can tell us more?

While ours was a very quick drive through, this is definitely worthy of a stop for a couple days. Next trip for sure!

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