Here We Go: Life - On the Road.

Our new home on wheels. Say hi if you see us!
Well, we're finally here; life on the road. The tenants have been given keys and we are heading out for our big adventure. We're heading out to visit America, historical sites, natural wonders and more. This is one of those home school projects we've dreamed of.

We also have plans to visit a number of farms. We've got a list of Norwegian Fjord horse farms that have invited us to stay - we are so excited to see some of them and how they "do" their Fjords. Some are small farms similar to ours, others have big rolling grassy pastures and others still have big, huge dry lots.

We hope to stop and see other farms as well - both livestock as well as plant based.

We are also on the lookout for the next home of Willows Edge Farm. No, we don't know where we will end up yet. We have some goals in looking for the farm: a little more warmth; more sunshine; and definitely more land and still a proximity to society. Where that will take us, we are not certain. We are certain though, that we will follow where God leads.

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