Camper Problems

Buying a used vehicle - of any sort - always comes with quirks and our home on wheels has been no exception. Little things mostly. Like the thermostat inside that controls the temperature. It comes on nicely, but never shuts off. I love heat, but even I can call this too much. I'm a pretty handy gal, so I made a little trip over to Poulsbo RV. It is a whole different world than home re-wiring though. You have to have an exact replacement and no, they're not interchangeable. They were very helpful and pulled out a handy little book with pictures of a few dozen different styles. Finally found the one I needed and no, it's not in stock. Tuesday. As it turned out, the thermostat was working, we just weren't setting it properly.
In all, we are almost 52 feet long.
That is not to say the 5th wheel doesn't have it's issues. We've got a faucet that leaks, so for the moment, we keep the water pump turned off and the shower head has a crack in it that spews water everywhere when you turn the shower on. And the electric water heater isn't working. Hmmm, water. I guess a few more things to find at the RV shop. We also need to do a little maintenance. The roof needs to be washed, sealed and re-caulked. Normal stuff.

Now, on to finish up packing!

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