On the Road to Visit Small, Family Farms Around America

We are a little over a month out now from hitting the road in search of our new farm location and doing some US History while we are out and about. One of the things that we feel so passionate about is visiting other farms. Seeing how they do things, sharing what we have learned and just encouraging others as we go.

We are so excited to finally be able to hit the road and visit other Fjord farms as well! It's been a personal dream of mine to visit other Fjord homes and see how they live. We've been to see a couple in Wisconsin, Washington, "Fjord Heaven" - more on that one later - but what about the rest?

Is there a farm that you've been to in the mid-west or south that is a must we should stop by and visit - horses or not?
Is that you? Would you host us? We'd love to write a story about your farm here too! Help us start a revolution and share the small farm story.

Share your farm thoughts here.

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