My very first ponies!

In all the packing and re-packing of the move, one thing I found and my heart jumped with delight, was an old Poloroid of my first pony ... or ponies to be exact. Nugget, or Nuggy as we called him, was my first pony, and Spicy... 

Nugget came trotting down Maltby Road right into our driveway. My parents drove around asking and found his owners. They came and picked him up. Two days later, he was back at our farm and this time, the folks offered to buy him. Oh what an adorable, rolly-polly pony he was. A Shetland Pony without as much of the attitude.
circa 1977

Later came Spicy. She's the one on the left. Looks a little like a mini Fjord, eh? She was a Shetland WITH the attitude! She was completely untrained and with a little guidance, she learned how to walk, trot, canter and buck with us riding her. I love her. And I hated her. Still, I loved her more. She was the one however, that I let my friends ride when we went out to play.

I remember so many fond memories, riding with my friend Patrice - and we're still friends today! Still both addicted to horses, but now with hubands and children to take on the journey with us.  To this day, thinking of these two ponies, warms my heart. I cannot even imagine my childhood without them. For those parents sitting on the fence, thinking only of the $ going out, think again. There is so much for a child to learn - both in responsibility as well as loving and caring for something so special.

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