Gardening While on the Road

What? No garden? I just don't know if I can REALLY live without something growing. We're probably not going to be growing our own tomatoes this year, but there are a couple things that we can grow while we're traveling around the country.

First, and really the easiest thing anyone, anywhere can grow are sprouts. While I'm not going to make a big salad out of sprouts, they are a great, tasty veggie to add to sandwiches and salads.

Spinach. Easy to sprout and quick to grow. Spinach is a very easy veggie to grow and fast to harvest. Really, an old bowl with some decent soil will make for a nice growing medium.

Next - lettuce. Sounds harder. I'm thinking though that I will start out with some of those "6 packs" you can buy at the local hardware store. They will be organically fed and set in a sunny window. They will be transplanted into 4" pots and when traveling, can be set in the sink to be safe. When we're at a destination for a bit, they get to go outside in the sun and grow a little more naturally.

What are some other fast growing veggies that I'm forgetting about?

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