Time for a little brightness

It's time for a little change and tonight it starts with the blog. A little brighter, eh? Watching the rain pour down and now in the darkness of night, listening to the water pour down the gutter, I have to go somewhere else. Somewhere else in my mind at least. So today I've been dreaming about spring and gardens. And vegetables. Which ones will do well with my "new" garden designs.
Sunflowers and blue sky. Ahhhh.
Yep, this time of year, typically between Christmas and mid January, I start thinking about gardening and what to do for the next season as we are by no means a mono-crop farm. This year I have apparently started early. I think it had to do with the lack of a "real" summer here this last season. There were at least 2 days of Farm Life Camp that instead of having our normal, fun popsicles, we had hot cocoa. I'm really, really ready for a warm summer again.
So next season, we have talked about creating a "green house" area to start some plants early and get a jump on the season. Tomatoes, snow peas, green beans, colorful nasturtiums. All for my vertical gardens. This season, we will be doing about 4 times as many vertical rows - exciting and scary! Scott also has plans for a sunflower garden. That sounds bright and sunny and right about now, it actually sounds amazingly beautiful.
Now to start dreaming of the horizontal gardens...

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