Is summer really only 6 months away?

Kids and interns learning horse anatomy with a game.
In looking at the calendar I realize I'm behind schedule. This time last year we already had our Farm Life Camp lesson dates set. Gosh, we had already started selling them as Christmas presents for a few amazing grandparents and aunts!

I'm not ready.
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.

OK, with that moment out of the way, we at least have been discussing it ... More or less than last year? What dates? What happens when the farm sells? What new activities do we add in and what do we drop? What will our pricing be? So many questions, but not a lot of answers yet. They are coming though ...

Did your kids attend last year? What was their favorite part? Least favorite?

It's so funny - we always have at least one kiddo everyday who says, "I don't want to clean stalls" and that is ALWAYS the child who tells us they would rather clean the stalls than clean their room (laundry, dishes, etc. whatever their chore at home is) when they are done. I think that some of them believe that is what we'll be doing it all day. Fortunately for them, it accounts for about 15 minutes of our day!

We know - we've got to kick it into high gear for those of you very organized parents. We had half our our camp filled by the end of February last year!



  1. Our daughter loved every minute of camp last year and is looking forward to your advanced camp this summer (and very much hoping it will happen!) I don't think you need to change a thing!

  2. Will you still have the camp if your farm is sold by then? We would love to sign up but am wondering about that? Thanks!

  3. Great question Jennifer! Our plan is to continue Farm Camp - property sold or not. If for some reason the new owners absolutely say no, we will issue 100% refunds, but it is our utmost desire that the "new owners" will keep running the farm just like it is! :-)