Christmas musings

Evan and the Snow Princess
I love Christmas. The joy of the season, going to see the Nutcrackers dance at Snowflake Lane this year, singing Christmas caroles and of course, the smell of the tree in the house!
This year though, we decided to work on our budget. Yuk. I hate that word. I know I shouldn't but it just makes me feel like a child again with an allowance. And what a time of year to re-start the budgeting again! We started with the tree. We had a family vote and instead of going to our annual Christmas tree farm and cutting down the tree as a family event, we headed down to McLendon's Hardware on their Saturday Sale and picked up a tree for $14.88. That was a savings of a little over $20. The boys were excited as it was extra money for their presents.
2010 Christmas tree
Finally home, tree in stand and watered it's now time to decorate!  For those of you who've done budgeting before, you know how Murphy likes to creep in and throw you a curve. Not only did 4 of our 5 strands of lights not work, but the beautiful angel that sat atop our tree for over a decade decided that last year was officially her last year. Oh my goodness - when it rains it pours. Sorry boys. Savings gone plus some.
But what a blessing it was to receive a check in the mail for some reimbursement that we had turned in months ago! Enough to cover the lights and a little extra. Can you see the lighted star at the top of the tree? It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it will do. Here's to hoping that the rest of the lights and ornaments stay put and on.
Merry Christmas!

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