Half a Pig for Christmas

How about half a pig as a fabulous Christmas present? We have one half left of our absolutely amazing, better than organic pork. Better than organic? Yep. If you've read the news lately, there are plenty of shops, including a local store, claiming organic. Even the growers are saying, nope, we are not organic.

So in this day and age when anyone can say the word "organic" and have no proof or actual accountability, we call ourselves better than organic. Come on out. We will introduce you to the pigs. Your's specifically if you wish. We will show you the food they eat. Heck, we'll give you some if you wish to take it home and play with it :-)  We also feed them some great table scraps, fruits and veggies straight from the house. We've also fed them raw goats milk!

Whoohoo - these guys have a great diet! And while we don't claim organic, we are truly happy to show you exactly what they do eat. Honesty and integrity. Pork you will be impressed with. Truly!

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