Yes, It's Still for Sale

Surprisingly to us as well as others, the farm is still for sale. It seems funny to me at times, because the Realtors all love it. One group of them wanted to have their Christmas party here on the farm. Sorry, closed for the winter ;-)

So, we are just waiting to see. Patience. It's really not one of my virtues. But the Big Guy is working on me. One day at a time. Yes, we've seen properties here as well as other areas that are larger and ready for what we want to do and how we want to grow, but all in due time. Which, for those of you who know me personally, you understand just how hard that is for me to actually say...in due time. It goes something like this: ARGH!! Why hasn't it sold yet? Tantrum!! Oops, I'm supposed to be waiting. OK, God. I'll wait. You will bring the perfect people along who will love and cherish the farm as much as we do. Wow...this happens sometimes daily. Sometimes a few times a day :-)

We are thankful that we have a warm house, feed for our animals (and people) and great people to support us. Well, at least that is the tip of the iceberg for this evening.

That said, Good-night!
Corinne Logan

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