Farm Camp 2010 Update

Well, we are now almost through July ... another month plus a few days and vacations will be done, the kids will be in school and summer will be all but a memory. Farm Life Camp has been absolutely amazing so far this year. We have wonderful college interns here at the farm as well as some of our prior campers/lessons students as our "Junior Interns" this year. The kids are learning about the health and nutrition of the horses as well as the chickens, pigs and yes, even the barn cats. We have a new joke around the farm that Wookie, the black barn cat, needs an Employees Page on the website. Under his photo and name can be his titles.
Wookie, the Barn Cat....
Personal Greeter (especially if you are allergic or afraid of cats)
Assistant Mouser (he lets his sister do the really hard stuff)
Assistant Riding Instructor (he loves to be in the arena during lessons).
Yes, now we need the photos!
We do have one way cute, fun photo to share - it's of a few of our younger students filling a water bucket for the pigs. After they filled it, the three of them proceeded to carry it over and fill up their water pail. Great job kiddos!!
For some reason, I've been having more fun this year and keep forgetting to take those photos during the day. I guess things could be worse, right?

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