Diversified Micro Farm - huh?

We always seem to stubble a bit when explaining our farm and what we do. Over a long weekend a couple months ago, it really became cemented into our brains that we are a Diversified, Micro-Farm and that is exactly what we now share with people.

But what really does that mean? Well, let me share with you what we have developed so far ...

Willows Edge Farm is a Diversified Micro-Farm.

We have many that ask what that really means, so here is our brief description.

Diversified – variety. Having a diverse farm means having a variety of things that we raise and produce. We have our regular stock that we run each year (numbers will vary), but will vary our produce from year to year, based our own families interests and preferences.

Micro Farm – a very small farm. We have 2.25 acres and on that small piece raise our horses, which offer limited breeding stock, chickens that provide both eggs and meat, pigs that produce meat and a variety of garden areas that produce enough food for our pantry as well as sales. Most importantly is the method in which we do all of this … with thought and care for our animals and the environment. We have set aside areas for natural growth as well.

Why we Raise, What we Raise.

We raise Norwegian Fjord horses because of a life long love affair with horses and found the Fjords to be the perfect horse for everything (except racing). They are short and stocky, so most adults can ride them right along-side the children. They have a gentleness that is second to no horse.

We added in chickens to our farm in 1997 for a desire to become more self sustainable by producing our own eggs. In 2009, we decided we needed to raise our own meat birds after watching Food, Inc. If you haven’t seen it, watch and then you will know why easily made this decision.

2010 we knew we wanted to raise another meat animal, but all we had thought about were cows. Grandma Karen reminded us that her father’s family raised pork. There it was, our small, short to market meat animal. We are doing a test run on two pigs for this year and all indications are showing that the pigs are here to stay.

Vegetable/herb gardens have been around our farm since day one. There are some herbs that are easier to grow than others and vegetables, well, who doesn’t want more, truly fresh and local food.

One of our goals is to show everyone, yes EVERYONE, that they can take a piece of our diversified, micro farm home and create a little space of their own.

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