Chicken Tractor - newly revised

Ours being a small farm, many things are either small or do double duty. The horse trailers are used to haul horses, but also hay, house a hay maze and even used as a chick brooder. The hay barn gets used for parties, tack and feed storage and more. Multi purpose and small. We started off with the standard chicken tractors that the pros use of 10' x 12'. Hmmm. WAY too big for our little farm. So, once again, Scott went to town revising and modifying the industry standards to work for our farm.
What we now have is a modified 6' x 10' portable chicken house, complete with hanging feeders and waterers. Scott also found a use for some drain pipe that had been sitting around for a VERY long time...the date stamped on the pipe was 1999. The same year our oldest son was born. I wonder what in the world we were planning on using it for back then. Nevertheless, it has found a new use as a skid of sorts for the portable house and makes moving it around a breeze!
Thank you AGAIN, Scott.

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