Love those Volunteers.

And you thought I was talking about people...I do love those wonderful people who come out and spend time on the farm just to brush a horse or clean some stalls for the fun of it. But, what I was talking about was volunteer plants!
Every year we also have something that seems to pop up. Well, this has been a bumper crop year for volunteers! We have lettuce that is going to town in nice, tidy little row. Lavender that grew so fast (thank you wonderful compost) that Scott actually dug it out and transplanted them and of course I couldn't forget the tomato plants. Every year - the tomatoes. Funny, because I can't seem to start them from seeds to save my life - REALLY! Those hearty little volunteers though are amazing, growing so fast and strong. But here's the new, fun one: Potatoes.
I'd heard that if you didn't get every one of the potatoes that they would re-sprout and you'd have more, but I really thought I got them all. I dug and dug and couldn't find another potato anywhere. Yeah, right. That's OK, I love new potatoes and mix them with some celery, our own farm fresh eggs and a little mayo and mustard and we have some amazing potato salad. Seriously. Yum!
Hopefully in the next few months our little farm stand will be done. We're in the paper planning stages at the moment, trying to plan exactly what we want where in the store so we can set it up right, from the beginning. Who knows ... maybe you'll see some of our tomatoes, lettuces or even potatoes in there this summer. Definitely some eggs.

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