Heritage Breeds

It seems like the chickens have been the topic of many of our conversations here at the farm recently. More particularly, the Freedom Rangers chickens that we have added for our meat production. In comparison to our other meat breed, the Cornish Cross, these Rangers are up and active - they have actually been seen on many occasion actually chasing the larger Cornish chickens around. They are lively and peppy and we are so much happier with this fantastic breed.
The Freedom Rangers are a more traditional breed in that they take longer to grow naturally and are France's only breed accepted for their Label Rouge free range program. They don't have the Cornish's famous "double breasts", but they are also have less leg problems as well as heart attacks (not one so far!). We all know the expression, "It tastes like chicken", but really what most people are saying is it's simple and will do well with various sauces, herbs, etc. The older, more traditional breeds really do taste like chicken though. And it's not just the meat, but the fat and the bones that make truly amazing chicken broth. One of those mouth watering, drool coming out of your mouth, broths.
Now don't get me wrong, the Cornish birds still have a place here on our farm. The produce a larger quantity of white breast meat and are fast growers making them more "affordable" for most. They also have the taste and texture that we are more familiar with - although ours still have more taste and texture, it looks the part.
If you have an interest in farm fresh raised chicken, locally produced, drop us a note. Or you can find our order form on our website at: http://www.willowsedgefarm.com/chickens-and-eggs.html
Up and coming: Pastured Pigs ... pigs raised naturally, here on our farm in Bothell.

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