FREE Movie Night! Television Premiere of ...

Mark your calendars now for this amazing opportunity to see the movie, Food Inc. It will be airing on Wed. April 21st on PBS's POV (Point of View). This is a fascinating movie about the reality of our food ... it's not one of those gorey, in your face movies, just plain and simple facts that will make you think about where you are putting your food dollars.

I've often said, that we put more time and energy into researching a new car than we do our food. I know I did before. I will still honesty say that I shop at the supermarket for many groceries, but at least now, armed with knowledge, I really do think about my purchases. I look for the organics if it's in the budget for the week. I also am looking for local - it's important to me. Yep ... I'll still buy orange colored and artificially flavored chips every blue moon. But not as often as I once did. My tastes are changing. So is my thought process.

I encourage you to get together with some friends and take a look at this together. We believe in this movie so much that we have added the movie's trailer on our own website: at http://www.willowsedgefarm.com/chickens-and-eggs.html
Let us know what you think. We're curious about others thoughts on this as well.

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