Open Barn - WEEK!

Well, I can't believe it, but Open Barn Week is almost here. It seems like just yesterday we were picking out what day/days would work for the farm and our family. Well, Monday, March 29 - Friday, April 2, from 10am to 3pm each day we will open our farm.

Why do we do this, you ask (we get that a lot). We want to be able to open our farm and share it with others who may not have the opportunity to go visit a farm. Horse farms are notorious for keeping their barn doors shut to the public. Unless you're willing to drop those big bucks every month, they really aren't interested in sharing anything with you. What a shame! We love to teach about our horses, how we manage them, their personalities...on and on we go. We also love to teach about chickens ... both their egg management as well as pastured poultry and how all that works and why it's different. Has Tyson Foods ever invited you to their farm? Probably not. I've never been to one of their "farms", but suspect I would leave in tears seeing all those birds in cages for their entire lives.

We really feel fortunate to have been blessed with what we have here on our little farm. Come on our and enjoy yourself. While we do not have a charge to come, we do, kindly ask for your generous donations. The donations are what help make our Open Barn and other events even possible.

Want more info? Visit our Open Barn page on the Willows Edge Farm website.

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