Upcoming trip to Wisconsin

Sooo, next Tuesday morning we’re leaving for Wisconsin to pick up our little mister! I’m so excited!! I’m finally ganna get to meet the famous ‘Fair Acres Ole’ in person, but not only that, I get to take him home with me!! Haha, I’m just so excited… We’re (Me, my mom, and Evan) are gonna be gone till the 27th. And we’re even going to the Moses Lake show and showing Ole off for those who want to see him!!
Tina and Steren are doin pretty good… he’s still suckin’ her dry! But she’s gained a LOT of weight back on… Steren is getting soo huge!!
Elsie Rose… Boy, she’s a stinker!! She’s always so bossy and pushy… haha, I’ve learned that you just have to shove her back! And her little girl, Svenna, is adorable!! I spend time out in the barn with her all the time… we both love each other very much! ;-) And she’s much nicer then Steren, she doesn’t try and nip you like he does!! Lets just say, Svenna and me are best friends :-)
My parents have been working really hard outside, trying to get the Ole paddock and barn done in time for him. And they’ve completely re-fenced the girls’ paddock, with all wood. We’ve all been doing a lot to get ready for his arrival. But the excitement keeps us going.
Well, I’ll post more when we get home! And maybe some pictures from the big trip on the website!!
See ya,

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