Wow... it's been a while!

Haha... I can't believe its been this long! The last post I did was when me and my brother first started our riding lessons, and we're now done with all 5 weeks of them! I can now ride the arena all on my own, while trotting! And I must add, posting is my favorite ;)

Little Staren is doing very well... boy is he getting big! He's also suckin Tina dry... shes getting skinny... so she is getting even more food. And it's funny, how Elsie is the one who we have to cut back on the food with, cuz shes a little piggy! hahah... She had a big ol' welt under on her tummy... we found out later that it was just a bug bite.. She only has one more month to go then our big mama will have the little baby girl that we've been waiting for(Keep your fingers crossed with us!) But man... less then two more months, and then we leave to get F.A. Ole in Wisconsin!! I have to admit, I'm excited!! lol

Well, thats all I can think of right now... I'm extremely tired and I've had a big day...(drove home from Spokane, WA)

ttyl, Chelsea

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