North Dakota

Sooo... We're in Fargo, North Dakota right now. About to leave and go south to see Sally Kjorsvig, where our girls came from :) I'm excited mass about it!! The trip has been so amazing so far (even tho we've all had our little moments ;) haha...) The view has been stunning... so many rivers and moutains... Man, no one ever talks about North Dakota, but its stunning!!!! When you first enter it, it looks like north Arizona and all rocky like the Grand Canyon, but then later, its flat land thats being farmed, for as far as you can see! Like fields of sunflowers! It was just all so pretty! The pictures are of a river that I saw and just loved, and then our sunset from last night!! Amazing!! Well, thats all I can really say for the moment.. So I'll update soon, I promise!!



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