We started new riding lessons today!

I hate cleaning stalls!!!!!
(Haha, just so ya know! lol)

So, today me and my brother started new horseback riding lessons at a small pony farm in Maltby, WA. Its really cool because they do alot of birthday partys there! But yeah, my horse was kinda big... an appalusa :S lol But I really liked him, no sure why... cuz he's VERY stuborn and his trot... wow, his trot was CrAzY bumpy!! Ahh... it hurt... alot! My trainer had to teach me how to do 'posting', that way I didn't look so retarded bouncing up and down lots... haha, but I was really fun, just the fact that I trusted him. It makes alot of a difference if you actually trust them or if you don't.
But man, Dakota was lucky, he actually got to ride a pony! Its name was Jester(yeah, I know. I totally forgot the horses name that I rode... lol!) But anyways, Dakota had a lot of fun too... I'm looking forward to next Wednesday for my next lesson! :) I just wanted to tell you guys a little about it...

Theres nothing new with the animals today...



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  1. Hi Chelsie:

    Was checking out your mom's website and saw your blog. Keep it up, it's very entertaining and certainly gives a teen's perspective on things. We have no kids at home anymore so it was fun to read about you. Ciao.

    Lois Anne, Geier and Lana from Montana