5/29/07 Memorial Day weekend


So, yesterday was Memorial Day, and there were 3 drownings… sad, huh? But other then that, it was a pretty good day! In the late morning me and my brother Dakota each had a friend come over to hang out for a while, then late afternoon we went over to some friends house for a bbq. And then today I mowed all the lawns, and Evan was happy, cuz he got to ride for a few minuets since we have a riding lawn mower.

So, twice now people have forgotten to close the door for the baby bunnies... is it a coincidence that it's the same exact door out of four different ones that gets left open? Haha, funny... Well, every time in the morning they finally decide that they'll let us catch them and so my mom will put them back. Evan sure loves holding them! He calls them "bebe bunnie!", its so cute the way he says it! lol

The horses are doing very well... Tina has lost a ton of baby weight! Baby is doing well, running and jumping lots! He actually had his first "work out" with his momma this afternoon. My mom had Tina on the lunge line and baby was tagging alot right with his mommy! Oh, and he still needs a name! You can submit an idea for a name at: willowsedgefarm.com and the winner of the baby name that gets chosen, gets a free clothing apparel with the Willows Edge Farm logo on it! Submit now! haha... and then there's Elsie... well, shes just the same as yesterday, fat and loving! :) And shes been having her work outs too.

You know what? Chickens.... ick, are discusting!!! Uh, there kinda scary too.. haha, when my mom makes me go in to collect eggs I always bring the horse whip with me to scare them away from the door, cuz I'm always scared that their ganna attach me since I'm taking there eggs!! lol Man... our Silky really really is in a mood now days to sit on eggs, like, she gets mad at you when you take the ones from under her... haha, its really funny!

Well, I don’t have anything else to say to ya tonight, Peace -


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