5/22/07 Life on the farm as a teen


Hey there, what’s up?

Well, when my mom asked me if I wanted to do a blog about life on the farm for the Website, I started instantly shut it out of my mind! All that was going through my head was, Oh no! Eh, I’m ganna have to make sure it’s all layout right, that I don’t make it all sound funny, and that it actually goes in order! So you know, and you’ll probably see this through out the blog, I go in and out of subjects A LOT! In other words, I’m VERY random… haha. But then, that’s when she told me that I could do it how ever I felt like; such as a teenager’s prospective of life on a farm. Soon as she said, I asked, “Well, so you know, I’ll only do it if at the end of each blog, I can write ‘Peace’ and other words, and they may not all actually make since knowing me.” And what does she say? “That’s fine. It’s coming from a teenagers prospective, so people will want to hear it the way YOU see it”

So… I’ve agreed to do it! I guess it could be kinda fun, right? Well, at least I hope so!
Ok, so, it’s about time I start telling you about being there and watching Tina give birth to her baby!

So, it was about 9:40pm May 16th (the day before my best friend Kirsten’s birthday!) and I was sitting on my parents bed reading my book but also glancing every few minuets at the TV since we have a wireless camera that goes from the barn to my parents TV, that way we don’t have to go outside all the time to check on her. Its quite handy I must say!! And I was noticing that she was getting down on the ground about every 5 minuets or so and then she was lifting her feet up really high towards her tummy… I was thinkin…hhhmmm…. Does she normally do that? I didn’t think so, so I went and told my mom… about 5 minuets later she came in and was watchin her for a minuet, and then said, “She’s in labor! This baby will be out BY midnight!” and so me being me, I RAN to my bed room, put on my sweat shirt, and grabbed my flip flops and ran back to my moms room to watch the TV. Haha, the next thing I know, my moms saying, “Chels, you’re not wearing those out in the barn! I’ve had to learn the hard way about wearing flip flops out there, and trust me, you don’t want to experience it!”. So I ran and got my tennis shoes. My mom was ganna go out and check on her to see if her blatter broke yet and told me to stay inside and that she would signal to me through the camera if anything had happened yet, but she was out there in front of the cam not doing anything, so after 3 minuets, I said, “uh, no. I don’t think so! I’m not ganna miss this birth!” and so I ran out side, and by the time I was in the barn, one leg was out! And so she was sending me in and out getting the hot water for the grits, and calling my grandma to tell her know what all was happening… and the last time I was heading back out there the baby was on the ground as of 10:05pm! I was so excited so I had to run back inside and tell my grandma that it was ok to come over now and see it. And that was that. It was amazing seeing how big it was, I was flabbergasted! So my friends, that is my little story on when Kjor Tina gave birth. Oh, by the way, you should submit your entry for the baby-naming contest! All that we ask is that it Scandinavian; oh, and the fact that it’s a boy!! Lol.

Well, so, I guess I should tell you about today… we finally got a ‘pony’ halter for the baby, since the baby halter didn’t fit, at ALL! The pony one fits perfectly… this afternoon a lady came out to take some pictures of the baby and we let him out free with mama in the grass (no gate!) and he was dancing around, bucking and just having lots of fun! Then tonight when we got home from dinner, Dakota saw that there were TWO baby bunnies out! Evan must have gotten into the cage right before we left and left it open. Me and my mom were out there for about a half hour trying to catch them, but man do they move fast! Hopefully they’ll find a good hiding place for the night. We’ll try again in the morning.

So, as you have heard about the little things going on around the farm, it can be quite exciting… Uh oh, did I just admit that!?!? Haha, its ok. The animals aren’t THAT bad… lol jk! I love them all… although theres times when I don’t want ANYTHING to do with them… but life goes on, so whatever. Eh, the worth thing though is having to clean the stalls, especially Tina’s since we still have to have straw down for the baby. It’s hard picking through it! As long as I have my handy dandy iPod, life’s all good!

Oh my… I just realized I haven’t said a thing about Elsie Rose! Well, she’s just as good as it gets around here… she’s healthy, happy, and ALWAYS hungry. I would say she’s in pretty good shape! Oh, and the last few weeks mom has been training her and she’s doing awesome!

Well, that’s all I got for now, Peace

-Chelsea Ann

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