Body Wash

For those of you with sensitive skin, I feel your pain. We are a farm with sensitivities and it doesn't end with the food. Dry, itchy skin that doesn't like much on it and yet, you still want to be clean and fresh.
So we keep on trying new things. Yes, I've made some of my own that worked. I've also decided that I'd like to try and find an alternative...And we have a winner! Nature's Gate makes a great body wash that doesn't make our skin crawl. As a bonus, we've tried it on our hair and not only does it work, but smells nice too.

We've bought it online (as in the 2 pack above) as a cost saving alternative, as it just isn't close to our budget in the stores. Yet.

One of those "finds" I wanted to share with you. Have an awesome day!

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